Friday, May 9, 2014

What we did at Badminton

Today 8th of may 2014 at 9:00 we had a lesson of how to play badminton.
I was sitting in class thinking it would be boring with my friends.
Because last time we had badminton it was boring because we had to hit the shuffles in a bin.

We walk in to the hall and our tutor was a man his name was Robbie I thought maybe it would be a bit better. To warm up we had a game of stuck in the mud, but instead of going under there legs we had to double high five them, I was pretty fun so It go even more better.
We had 3 rounds of stuck in the mud until we got to learn how to play badminton.

It was time and we lined up single file and got a racket then we had to do it again and get a shuttle. After that Robbie Told us about backhand and the forehand.
Next we had a go at doing for hand and it was easy we had 5 minutes till we changed.
We next did backhand but it was a bit harder, My high score was 20.
After that we had to do both forehand a backhand I thought it was easier than the other ones.

After we had practice that we had to get into a pair practice with 1 shuffle and hit it to each other.
It was fun because me a my partner were going for a long time, we had five minutes of that then we had a challenge. I thought maybe we would win, but when we played we lost faster than we thought. We had another go maybe this time we would win, but we still lost and my friend Jabez a Taniela won.

It was still fun and maybe next time I could try my best.

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