Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Force Summation

What is Force summation? Force summation is made up of 3 parts, but the all together is means adding forces together to create the greatest force as possible.

Describe the three parts of force summation? The three parts of force summation are range of motion, order of body segments and timing of body segments.
Range of motion is the greater the range of motion the greater force produced. 
Order of body segments is when forces is transferred from the largest muscles, through to the smallest muscles. 
Lastly is timing of body segments is when each body segment should be activated when the one before it has reached its peak.

Describe the activity we completed in the gym and how this related to force summation? 
The activity we did in the gym was on the rowing machine we were giving a task to go step by step for a full row. We went from only using only our hand to using our full body. This activity showed us that the more motion we use it will generate more force. This activity used all parts of force summation like order of body segments, if you want to produce the greatest force we had to start from you legs and all the way up to your arms. if I started from somewhere else it wouldn't be the same.

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